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Boss Micro BR
10 91%
1 9%
Voters: 11.
So I thought it was time for me to start recording my playing.
The big question know is:

Am I going to buy a Boss Micro BR or a Stealthplug that costs half the price of the BR here in Norway?
The Micro BR is fantastic.. I've never heard of the other, but really.. the Boss is really really good.
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I think that you'd get more respect with the Micro BR, as the Stealthplug sounds like some kind of clandestine anal toy.

EDIT: And I've heard great things about the Mirco BR too. You might also want to consider Zoom's new H4 recorder as well.
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Yeah, I was going to order it but suddenly I heard about Stealthplug and it looks amazing too. The amplitube program that cames along with it is amazing. I can make so much more sounds with that program than my Cube 60 amp so im not sure, if im going to buy the BR or the SP..

Heres the link for the stealthplug if anybody wants to have a look:
I dont wanna regret, so maybe I should go for the Micro BR then? Then I dont need to be depentent of the computer either..
If you can afford it, I would say to go with the BR; it has a lot more functions and can operate independently of a computer. The Boss will last you ages, whereas you might feel a little limited by the Stealthplug before long.
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If you're gonna connect your guitar to your pc you're gonna need a good soundcard, or else the latency will drive you crazy.
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Thanks for all the answers!

Without a doubt im going to buy the Micro Br.=)
Quote by BodaciousBob
I'm looking at the same thing as you but i've decided on an M-Audio Fast Track.

you may want to consider something else.
Ive heard the fast track doesnt have that great an audio quality.

have a read on sound cards and interfaces:

reviews at MF give it around a 6 for rating

for around the price of the FT you could get something like the TonePort from line6 which has a much better rating.
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I thought Fast Track was pretty poor. However, the Micro BR is a different matter. I love mine, and it's just so convenient. You could record anywhere!
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My Micro Br is Sitting in front of me right now. Guitar Sounds absolutely excellent on it, I mean, I've heard Early Albums from big name bands with less quality. But bass is a lot harder to tweak to sound good. Don't get me wrong, the bass can sound excellent, It's just harder to get it too. Plus my headphones are crap, so they don't handle the bass well. The Built in mic is pretty descent, Actually It's by far the most descent built in mic I've ever seen, but it's still a built in mic. I recorded me playing a ****ty-ass drumset in an echoey garage, and the recording sounded better than actually being there, lol. It really is a ****ty drumset though. The effects are pretty good quality too, and though everyone talks about the learning curve, 2 minutes with the manual and 10 of playing around, you'll have the basics mastered. And finally, you'll probably read in reviews that it eats batteries. This is true, regular alkalines, depending on brand, last from an hour and a half(the ones that come with it) to 3 or 4 hours(duracells). But if you're willing to fork over the extra cash for energizer lithiums, it lasts 7 or 8 at least.I'm planning on getting the adapter anyways, to save some money, because more thean half the time I'm recording at home with it. Now, off to record!

EDIT - I've never even heard of the other thing though.
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I ordered the one without adapter.. Oh, well. Looking forward to get my hands on it
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^Buy LOTS of batteries.....

or get an adapter on ebay...

Or get a rechargeable battery kit! They are not expensive. You save money and consume less resources.

I don't know how rechargeable batteries can still be so unpopular. They have a much greater enegry capacity and can last up to 1000+ charges. Normal non-rechargeable batteries have their uses too but for this type of high-power use (cameras, recorders, mp3 player, etc...) rechargeable batteries are the right choice.
yea rechargable batteries are nice too. For longest life on one charge look for the largest mAh. (mili-amp per hour) rating.

I use these 2700 mAh batteries for my nintendo wii and they last a good week.

and the charger: