I'm teaching myself how to play the guitar and am just wondering what does 'H' mean when talking about chords? I'm trying to play Boy In The Well by R.E.M. and in the middle of the chorus there's a Hm chord to play but I've never heard of it Can anyone help??
H is some weird chord made up by someone... it was something with B and E flat I think..
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B is sometimes written as H(I think it's the old naming for notes). So its Bm, not Gm.
In germany, for some wierd reason, They write Bm as B, and B as H.

Something to do with ebing able to compose songs in the chords of 'BACH's name (Famous classical composer if you didn't know. Sounds a bit stupid and backwards to me.
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so yeah

H = B (If it's a german tab)
in finland they call B - H

and Bb - BB
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