3rd song of ours is up .. please check it out and let us know what you think.. just guitar and bass for right now but we just want to know what people think of the music itself..

there are actually 3 on there so crit any or all of them..

thanks, link in sig c4c

if you clicked on any that say full length (any of the top 3 songs).. they should all be right around 3 minutes .. so im not sure if myspace is cutting them off or not.. yeah man.. i will crit yours

It's a good start to what could be a good song if you add vocals and drums. It got kind of boring because there aren't any real solos and the same riff was pretty much played over and over. But like I said, it could be a very cool song if you add a good vocal melody and some drums. Another thing, I didn't really like the tone of the bass, it sounded like an acoustic bass being recorded through a mic. Try to add more bass and make it blend in better.

Crit for Crit?
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