Hi, I recently purchased a Les Paul Special 2 pack http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_epiphone_les_paul_special_ii_player_pack?full_sku=102517984 and I seriously did not expect to it be so heavy. I put it on a kitchen scale and read 10 pounds, is this average for electric guitars or is this one just more heavy?

I was thinking about returning it and trying another one, but then I thought, does weight mean quality of the guitar? Like would a heavier one have better pickups and sound than a lighter one? Thanks in advance.
its a cheaper epi so it woulnt be as sanded and stuff making it heaver but if its your 1st guitar it will feel extra heavy but you will get use to it, if it sounds ok i wouldnt return it.
Someone I know has that same pack and the guitar was actually quite light weight. I think with cheaper guitars like that you might just have a water logged piece of wood. It's not going to affect the sound.

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Quote by aquwardhandjob
but if its your 1st guitar it will feel extra heavy

It is my first and I guess it just feels heavy and I'll get use to it. I live in a spanish family so most of my reletives have acoustic guitars lying around and I would just pick them up and do whatever with them, they were light as feathers and I guess I got a little use to that
sounds about right for a les paul i think (not sure, i've never owned one)

buy a thicker strap, to spread the weight.
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how do those marshall handles compare tonewise to, say, mesa handles?

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