With simple controls! I was just thinking that you could build a guitar with active effects such as fuzz, distortion, delay, wah etc. as many as you could want with just two extra controls and a 9v! I'm not positive, so tell me what you think:

You take a 5 way switch, or how ever big a switch you want, and you wire it so that in one position, the 9v is disconnected, and that in each other position it powers one of the effects. Then you have a single pot that each effect is wired up to, but since only one effect is on at any time, the pot can control who ever's on! Would it all work with one pot?
but what if I would liek to have 2 or 3 effects at a time!?!
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if you can find a way to have delay, heavy reverb, and a fuzz factory on at the same time, then i'll be impressed; that would be awesome
or phaser instead of fuzz factory
but how would you get the effects on the guitar?

i really do want to know now
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Route a **** load of wood out of it and just jame the guts of an already existing pedal in there. But I'm not sure on your strategy if you can get a pot with enough pins i guess you could?
id love to have a big muff, or some kind of fuzz swtich on my guitar. Right now i have my rythem pickup on lower volume settings so that i can switch to it for my clean/overdrive tones (1 channel amp! voxac30) and its the ****, i can be anywhere on stage and switch my sound, a fuzz would be prime.

and its been ton a many times, im scared to do it though...ill just keep my setup the way it is.

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The purpose with those boxes is... well... they are boxes goddammit.
Destroying wood to not have wonderful little boxes of good in front of you.
Shame on you young man, shame on you!!!