I am a little confused about heads/cabs vs. combos/extension cabs.
For example, I am deciding whether to get a Tiny Terror + 1x12 or a rocker 30. What is the point, in general, for getting just an amp head and a cabinet, when you could get a combo and an extension cab? Isn't it smarter to get a combo with an extension, being that you could play it without the extension for practice, and then use the cab for gigs? With just a head and cab, you couldn't do that.

So, is there a big benefit that I don't know of for using a head/cab rather than combo/ extension cab? Thanks!
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For one thing, you'll be spending way more money with a combo + cab than you would with an ordinary head and cab (provided that the two are of comprable price, of course. A Soldano head versus an MG combo is a fairly big difference ). Also, some combos don't have the easy option of wiring up a cab (if you're not good with a soldering iron, that is).

Plus, the wattage of the amp (so that you can play cleaner louder) and efficiency of the speakers matter more to the volume than how many speakers you have.