Well, you've all probably seen these threads before, so I'm sure that you've all walked in with ideas already in your mind. so I may as well get to the restrictions.

-I'm building the guitar myself, The wiring cavity is going to be in the back, so I dont have to take my strings off to screw around with stuff

-Its going to be a 7 String, 24 fret guitar with a 28 inch scale. this means from the end of the fretboard to the bridge measures exactly 7 inches, so plenty of room.

- Mahogany body, hopefully maple neck, set it for the sustain increase, and an ebony fretboard, if that matters at all.

- I'd like 3 pickups, arranged Single pup, Single pup, Humbucker. although I dont know what the diffrence in tone quality would be if I just bought 2 pickups and made it a Single and a Humbucker. (anyone have an explination?)

-Its wiring is going to be loaded as far as buttons and switches. I plan on putting it a Coil Split on the humbucker (of course)
a Killswitch button,
an individual volume control for all three pickups plus one master one,
tone control(s)
A Phaser, for kicks and giggles
2 outputs, one being a sort of "master output" For stereo capabilities
True bypass line

-I'm figuring with all of those electronics that I'm going to want cleans more then distortion, thus the choice of 2 singles and a humbucker w/ split

Any help with the choice of pickups would be great, and any other suggestions or explinations you can give me would help a lot too, as far as your thoughts on what complications I may have and such. I realize the wiring is going to be a %&^@$, but it'll present me with a challenge I know I can overcome, and thats a good thing.

I realize that I'll be investing a lot of money into this guitar, but extremely expensive pickups arent exactly what I want, as I'd kind of like to keep my choices as low cost as possible. I have a $300 maximum to work with on the pickups. If its slightly over, no big deal.

For how much diffrence it makes, I would prefer cleans with the ability to play with some distortion by screwing with the controls a bit. I dont like to play the heavy "shred" stuff. Necrophagus, children of bodom, that kind of stuff. The ability would be great, but not necessary. Versatility is partially what I'm going after with this guitar.

Thank you for reading, I realise it was long and mispelled, probably misspoken in parts,
And thanks for the help in advance,
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Thank you for the help, those who have posted so far. I seem to be having a few problems searching for the gentleman (if female, i apologize) suggested, but I'll keep trying.

Would any of you agree with my focus on getting a clean sound? I'm assuming that since i dont want to play the extreme distortion music, and since I'm putting so many affects on the guitar already, thats the way I'm going to want my pickups to go. Correct?
godofshred was right, I can help you out on this, just send me a PM if you are interested in learning more about what I can offer.

HSS is good for those that play lots of clean music. I play mostly Jazz on my seven string and I found that I really like the HH configuration. With the right pickups your humbuckers will be able to sound like real single coils when you split the coils. Add a Parallel/searies switch and you will be able to get all sorts of single coil tones.
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i reccoment talking to cordeuyEW on here, he does fantastic pickups at great prices!

Bing! +1 to the CorduoryFW suggestion. Look for handmade pickups in the gear ads forum cause I think we both spelled his user wrong.
28' scale wow that is going to be huge. You are aware that most 7 string are of 25.5 or 26.5 scale length Hats off to you, im looking forward to this.... reminds me of an RG XL model with different pickup config.