okay so I have my ghetto talkbox now

(go to this thread if you dont understand:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=613660 )

I know I will have to put a splitter on the end of the talk box's output to get it to work, but can you show me which plugs i should plug it into?

here are the plugs on my amp and guitar

guitar output - Guitar

Guitar Input, CD/Tape input, External Speaker, Line Output, Head Phone -Amp

which combonation do I need to plug into to get the talk box to work?

Can I say lol at the guy on the video? Lol.
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i made the ghetto talkbox too and mine works if i plug my guitar into my amp and the talkbox into the headphone jack with an adapter. you'll probably need a mic next to the tube to hear it better though
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
for some reason when i built mine i head to run the guitar to the amp, then take the speaker output and put that into my talkbox, the headphone jack didn't work.
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Can I say lol at the guy on the video? Lol.

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I made a ghetto talkbox.

I run my guitar to my amp. From there, I plug the plug from the speakers into the headphone socket on the amp with a converter. I then use a normal talkbox setup, with a microphone into another amp.

You could also probably just plug the talkbox into your guitar.
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