Hi all bassdudes out there, decided earlier today to start a Bass group/alliance on last.fm. most for people from here (UG) but everyone can join (if a majority will close the group to only UG´s i fix that. I think most people here know what Last.FM is so i just post a link to the group. Bass Players Alliance JOIN!

And, btw, everyone who think they can help with me with do this goup better (fix a photo for the group, help with other **** etc. join my MSN: Chilli_13gg@hotmail.com

Thx for read all this and hope you wanna join after this...

What's going on?
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
It's swedish.

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Sorry guys forgot to go in on the National site before post link... and it´s swedish like Jonno..(something) said...

Thx to everybody who join..
I signed up
Cort lover of the Bass Militia. PM Nutter_101 to join.
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Is it only me that cant connect to Lastfm rigth now?

and @IMH, that group is ****, i´m trying to create a UG bass alliance @Lastfm =)
Nope, its not just you--its slogging pretty bad. All of us bass players are sucking up the bandwidth, lol
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Nope, its not just you--its slogging pretty bad. All of us bass players are sucking up the bandwidth, lol

Last.fm is having major problems right now, tracks won't even scrobble
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Hey I joined up but is anyone else seeing a *BUSH* here?

What do you mean by *BUSH*?
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What do you mean by *BUSH*?

what do you think he means by BUSH?
Joey! Watch your speed!
Ill join.
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If nothing else, I've been intrigued by what other bass players are listening to musically. Found a few new gems. Thanks--and for those who haven't joined, see you soon.