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gibson faded sg special
19 66%
ibanez iceman 400
10 34%
Voters: 29.
sg- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Faded-SG-Special-Electric-Guitar?sku=517222
iceman- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-Iceman-400-Electric-Guitar?sku=519476

which of these guitars would be best for me, i play everything from metal to soft/slow rock. I want good clean and distorted. if you have a better suggestion in the 500-600 dollar price range let me know, also pros and cons of each would be helpful.
i say go for the ice man.

to me its a better guitar. if
you were to buy an sg, it
would have to be a better
quality which would be ahigher
price. the ice man is a good choice.
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Out of those to I'd have to go for the Iceman, mainly because I'm not to convinced about these low-end Gibsons.
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i say go for the iceman. A faded sg dosent look too promising to me. I heard their very rough, and the finish is pathetic.
An Iceman, but if you would prefer an SG get a high end Epiphone. That Gibson is ****.
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what are the pros and cons of each?


+ big, thick, body; meaning a lot of sustain
+ great finish and small cosmetic details like binding
+ good quality control
+ incredibly durable construction
+ fast, smooth neck

- the pickups might not sound great to some, but this is personal


+ Gibson pickups (of course these might not be what you're looking for, but the quality is good)
+ It probably has good electronics (like good pot meters), this has been a bit of an issue with Ibanez.

- bad finish
- you're paying a lot for the Gibson name
- sub-standard quality control

Also, when choosing one of these, keep this in mind:

- Changing the electronics on a guitar is easy, a good (for instance DiMarzio) pot meter will set you back about 8 bucks, and it will improve the sound a lot.
- With the Gibson you're buying stripped-down version of an existing model, which is not the case with the Ibanez.
- Of course it's all about sound and playability, but cosmetics can be important. The Ibanez has nice block inlays, binding and a glossy finish, whereas the Gibson has simple dot inlays (probably for budget reasons) and a rough faded finish.
- The country of origin can be an important factor in choosing between two guitars, which would give the USA-made Gibson an edge over the Ibanez, but due to the great amount of complaints about Gibsons poor quality control, even on the high-end models like the Supreme, I wouldn't make the origins of these guitars a major selling point.
- The Ibanez isn't the anwser to everything, and yes, there are better guitars out there. But for the money it's a great package. Unless you decide to save up and increase your budget, the Ibanez is probably one of the best guitars you can get.
- The Ibanez logo on your headstock isn't free, this is common with most major manufacturers, but keep in mind that the Gibson name is a lot more expensive.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!