I would really like your sincere opinion, if you hear it, I'd rather you say it's a peice of crap than say nothing at all. In a couple of weeks I'm going to the Power chord academy thing and I was going to bring this song. So I want you guys to really tell me if you think it's worth it or not.
I'll Give You One Last Chance.zip
overall i like it, the 1st rhythm and the outro are great, the verses are good but the 4th bar into the verse (bar12) i don't like. The choruses can't be heard if the RSE is turned on because of the high amount of distortion on the 1st guitar, solo is good though.

overall, it could do with a bit of fine tuning, but i'd take it with you to the academy,
I liked the intro riff, sounds like RATM. I didn't like the verse riff, It's good but i don't think it fits the song. The chorus is great, and the outro/solo is very good too. good job 8/10.
I think that it's a pretty catchy rhythm, and it's coupled with some basic, but very effective playing... I think you sould try to make the tempo change less... odd... it's not abrupt at all... it actually flows well, but a pre-chorus or something thrown in would really prepare your ears for the chorus, which IS a little off, as far as the rest of the song.

Over all, I think you did a good job, sit down and add some spice to it (variation) and you should be golden.

Best of luck.