Allright heres my problem: I’ve known this girl(well call her Mary) for about four years now. I met her through my best friend who was dating her. In the beginning we never saw eye to eye and were always fighting. Since she was always with my best friend, I was,in a way, forced to be near her . A year went by and we became better friends. She then broke up with my friend. This was early 7th grade. My friend and I were best buds ever since 3rd and we were always told that sometimes friendships fall apart as people get older but we thought it would never happen to us. We were inseperable and were always over each others house. But sure enough our friendship began to fall apart. He became more interested in sports and I with music and we went our own separate ways. We never really fought or anything and I don’t have anything against him and while our friendship sunk, I became better friends with Mary. We began to hang out more and became good friends and by mid way trhough 8th grade we had grown to be very very good friends and now, going in to 10th grade you could say we are best friends. I can tell her anything and trust her and she can with me as well.

Now trough all of this time she had been going out with guys and I with other girls but ever since 8th grade, Ive liked her as more than a friend. I asked her out once but she thought I was joking. I said I wasn’t but she didn’t believe me so I never said anything again. Through all of this time I watched her go out with these guys and some of them were reall assholes but she didn’t see that. She called me for help and I gladly offered my advice as she does to me. And Ill say this: she is perfect and I just wish she would see me as more than a friend. I know I would treat her right and not like thsese guys who shes gone out with. Im always making her laugh and I know she trusts me.
Last week she broke up with her boyfriend who she had been going out with for 2 months and on Friday we hung out and she was hugging me and I put my arm around her and all of that. Today she posted a bulletin on myspace with a love poem about not being able to have someone. I asked her if it was about anyone in particular but she never replied. I REALLY want to ask her out but I don’t know if I should. Her parents like me, her brother likes me (he even says he wants me to go out with her because he knows ill treat her right)

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!
get her alone in an area you both know (wont be hard being best friends and everything) and just ask her out face to face.

when she realises you are serious, then it should all be good from there =]

good luck
you shouldn't post this on UG, and you should make your own decisions. just ask yourself this 1st, are you willing to risk her friendship if the relationship goes bad?
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Well it seems like you two are extremely close, close enough to ask her out yet still not jeopardize your friendship.

I would advise you to do it, what have you got to lose?

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Should maybe be in the relationship thread, but since you like Twisted Sister , I'll let it slide.

Just go get her, tiger
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1. This should be in the relationship thread.

2. By the sounds of it she has no problem approaching and flirting with guys (I've taken this from your 'dating assholes' comment), and as such if she hasn't flirted with you (hugging when feeling vulnerable does not count) then she probably isn't attracted to you.

3. My view is based on personal experience with one of my best friends, but it's your call. Good luck either way.
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Dude, just do it. You'll regret it later if you don't. But i get what you mean, not wanting to risk screwing up the friendship.

Oh, and for Mr. Cool guy above me, he's probably fifteen-ish now.
Did i mention that you're really cool?
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Just one more advice

don't make a goddess out of her
if you start a relationship, remember she has her flaws
well if she has any other close friends, you can ask them how she feels about you

...cuz, y'know...girls talk and stuff
bang her and leave her!


but really...
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1. Relationship Thread.

2. You're in the friendzone. If she goes out with other guys, and thought you were joking when you asked her out, you're definitely stuck in the quicksand. Edit: Don't try to get any further with a relationship - you already know eachother too well, and it'd probably end poorly.
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OK since I am a firm believer in the fact that relationships are built on Friendship I think you should just sit her down and tell her you are in love with her. Its simple you can tell her anything .
She may get scared and leave but I think she may see it my way and try it on with you.
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Grow some balls and do it????

Have you ever chatted a girl up??? Much less your best friend???? I doubt both. It is the hardest thing in the world to tell a good friend you like them because they are a friend and you dont want to ruin that.
....Well if you really wanna just try your chances do it...

But she isnt really attracted to you. You're they guy who is there if she falls, but then she'll find someone else...

You're the nice guy. There's no problem with that, i kind of respect nice guys (except to the point where it becomes kind of pathetic)

Well all i can say is good luck.
Do you think it would make the relationship any better if you went out with her? If so, go for it. Remember, if you screw up, it tends to screw up the regular relationship too. But then again, at that age, stuff usually gets pretty serious in highschool talk(meaning i know a couple of girls at my school that are pregnant, but i dont think they know what they were doing). But if it does go wrong, remember, its only high school. In 10 years, you will think "Wow, good thing i did not go out with that chick." But then again, SOME relationships go from highschool out to college and further. Who knows, you might even move to dif state for college and never see her again? I'm gona rehash, do you really think it is to push it to the limits if you are already satisfied? If you aren't satisfied, go for it. If not, just keep her as a friend. Most friends in highschool disapper when you graduate since you move to ur college's location and stuff.. you kinda lose touch. Make up ur mind.