Hey guys, i'm producing a radio show for ug radio, and for the first hour i want to play nothing but UG users and THEIR music. if you would like to be featured, send me your songs and i'll put them on.
bee yatch
Nice man, All I have is covers Hopefully this will still be up by the time I get new mics and record.
Smile alot today... okay?
yup if u want but we dnt really sound like dat anymore nd we will have new songs up soon nd is there anyway of listeinin 2 dis cos im from ireland sounds gud 4 ug though??
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i'm havin trouble downloading off the website you gave me, can you email a song file? jpburns88@yahoo.com . Also, anyone else interested jsut email me a song of yours that you would like played.
bee yatch
r u doin it with the guys that posted the thread in OR or havent you known about it and are making your own or whats the deal

anyhoo my myspace has some of my originals on it if you wanna check em out see if ones good enough.