i have been playing acoustic for almost 6 months now and was going to get an electric soon and was wondering what is better for a person who likes all types of rock, but more on the lighter side. don't get me wrong, i like hard rock too, but not as much. should i get a fender standard stratocaster, or an epiphone les paul standard.

also, on the strat, on the site it says its a vintage tremolo, is that bad or something? also, is it the same as a floyd rose? or are floyd rose guitars really expensive. thanks in advance,
The Strat will probably suit you better if you like less hard stuff.

Fender's Vintage tremolo is nothing like a Floyd Rose. They are much less complicated and far less useful. It's not bad, but it will hold a tune just fine, and you can remove the arm and basically treat it like a fixed bridge if it gets in the way.

MIM Standards are not as bad as most people would like you to believe. Mine's pretty cherry.

Do yourself a favor and don't order online though. Go in to a store. Epi LP Standards and MIM Standard Strats are two things Guitar Centers ALWAYS have.
Try them out yourself. When you narrow it down to only two guitars, it all comes down to personal opinion.
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do they have them as leftys in the stores?

No doubt in my mind. The lefties won't be with the rest of the guitars, they'll all be grouped together on one end of the wall where they're all hanging.

Strats and Les Pauls, being the two most recognizable body styles in existence, are always in Guitar Centers. Just go in and look around, and there you go.
I would say an Epiphone Les Paul, just because it's more versatile in my opinion. It's great for nice, soft warm cleans, and if you want to kick it up to the hard rock side every now and then, it's fully capable of it. It sounds alot fuller than a strat, which in my opinion, sounds very thin and treble heavey and twangy.

I just don't like strats, actually.
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If anything the Strat seems like the more versatile guitar, but some people just don't like the sound and are more partial to the Les Paul. It's kind of subjective.

I narrowed my choice down to the same two guitars and went with the Strat... no regrets, but play them both and pick the one you like best. My needs were pretty much the same as yours. I like all types of rock, including some metal, but I lean towards the clean stuff.
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Definitely get a Strat, dood
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i'd say you can't say whether humbuckers or singles are better...

you need to decide which you prefer, and go with that one, both are very versatile...

off to guitar center with you...lol
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