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Here's a new little jam over a backtrack. I tried to get a decent tone, it's a little to heavy with distortion, but i didn't have time to go back and change.

Here <- Titled Gm Jam or something like that

Download Link this is the backtrack
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pretty neat little jam, 8/10. i agree with milk though, the distortion is perfect for this, i wouldn't change it.
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Sounds very good. Great quality - very professional sounding.

Great tone and sounds aswell. The distortion was awesome. Very Classic Rock Sounding To me.

Good Work
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Nice tone there, warm and crunchy! Good backing track too. Just work a bit more on your phrasing. I mean I'd love to hear some slow playing like bends with wide vibrato and then the climax with faster playing. Also, you could work on your note choice, because the backing track gives a great possibility for really "melodic" playing. All in all, it's a good jam.

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I really enjoyed this track. It seems like you managed to maintain a very classic rock vibe in an instrumental. It was entertaining without dipping into shred territory. Excellent Jam.
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Ya im not into shred at all lol! its funny though the reason is im influenced by SRV alot so alot of times i have and speedy aggressive style. but also take from Gilmour

But thanks!
Great Sound. You must have had it professionally recorded. I'm impressed. I see what you mean about the distortion but if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have notice and thought you intended to be that way. Very good stuff. Keep it up.
thanks man and guitar hack are you also at because i think ive seen you post there idk, maybe not,

and it's not professional recording, just using guitar tracks pro 3 i thought it sounded pretty good too
thanks for the crit!

really nice playing you've got going here - reminds me a lot of Shine on You Crazy Diamond. I love the tone you've got going here - I personally don't think its too much distortion. Maybe if you're going for a Gilmour sound it is though. One piece of advice would be to move around the neck more - play some lower stuff as well as what you were playing. Overall it was some real great soloing and a great listen.
Pretty sweet soloing dude. I didn't think it was too much distortion at all. Not much to crit, though I agree you should move around the neck a bit more. Good job.
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Writing as listening...

The very first few seconds are random But I like it. Guitar comes in, sounds really nice, Great tone you've got there and some really nice riffs and licks too. The harmonies in the back sounds really nice, keyboardy. The guitar is really nice, was it planned of improvised?
The drums sounds quite nice with this song, sometimes drums like that don't suit songs but I think it suits it really well. The guitar throughout the whole song is pretty much perfect, no timing errors or mistakes. Overall a very nice piece Could lengthen it abit though.

Please crit this It's experimental, I'm not sure if you'll like it...
Ya i just played the guitar on it, pure improv nothing planned out ill get back to critting everyone else's tonight!
That's pretty sweet. Could you post the backing track? That would be cool to jam on.
Pretty cool, though I feel like it lacks direction. You definitely got your licks down; just try using them for a more defined and intentional manner of expression.
sounds great man.. i would love to learn to play some jazz at some point.. i loved it.. keep it up and thanks for critting mine

i wish i could give you specific incite into it but my knowledge in jazz is minimal
Thats not really jazz the backingtrack is slightly but the soloing i did is alot of blues and classic rock vibes
Your tone on the guitar is excellent. As has been said, I'm reminded of the Eagles - you keep that classic vibe going throughout.

What's really interesting to me is how similar my playing style is to yours - when I improv, I use almost the exact same phrases you do on this track. That's my main complaint on this - I guess I can see you making the same mistakes I make. Which isn't to say I'm some guitar sensei - I'm not - but your playing has this sort of worn-out, tired feel to it, like a book that's been read too many times and the pages are all dog-eared. It's not boring to listen to, but I get the idea that you're bored to be playing it. I mean, you've got the style down - it's excellent classic rock soloing on that track. You should try something different is what I'm trying to say, I guess.

Maybe I'm just projecting my own problems onto your playing. Don't get me wrong - the song itself is excellent. And thanks for the crit.
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I know what you kinda mean Jon, Acutally right now im breaking apart a jazzy song and working on that to get a different musical perspective
very good quality recording. maybe the guitar could have been a bit higher in the mix. the soloing is nice. its very fluent, though at some points the distortion makes it fuzz a bit. might help turning the gain down a little. its very nice! i like it!
Quote by yawn
Pretty cool, though I feel like it lacks direction. You definitely got your licks down; just try using them for a more defined and intentional manner of expression.

I agree with yawn here. When the solo ended I was like.. "uhhh.. its over?" Because the end sounded exactly like the middle, but just ended abruptly. Also more variation with your licks would help. Great licks and playing, but they all sounded very similar which made it a little boring after a while
I really like the tone on this. Are you using you Vox AD30VT? If so, what settings?

You're obviously a very skilled guitarist. You're bends are great - I really like the bend at 00:25. My only problem is that it gets a little tiresome. I think the repeated note patterns are pretty cool, but you use them too often. I think you need to incorporate more variation in riffs and contrast in your soloing. As mentioned your phrasing needs also needs work.
Overall, I think your soloing is pretty great - you just need a few more riffs and ideas to incorporate into your solos.
Its well mixed, the guitar is not over powering the backing track to much and visa versa. Nice guitar sound. Maybe it would have been nice if there where small parts you didn't play, just to break it up a bit. Liked the stutture sound at the end.
wow very cool, sounded professional, nothing really wrong with it. the distortion wasnt to much at all, sounded perfect, keep it up, u r a very talented musician.
could u crit mine link is in my sig under recordings
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Nice playing.....very good. is that all improv? if so ...damn good. Liked your scar tissue cover as well
Nice man that was sweet, I was totally feelin some SRV and Clapton in there, the was great as well as the recording value.

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First off, I love the tone, that typical single-coil sound is awesome. I'd probably use a bit less distortion but it sounds fine.
The backingtrack sounds cool, although a bit "midi", 'ye know those standard drums and synths.

Playing is good, you've got the groove, are in key and the timing is perfect. However, I find that the soloing is... a bit bland. I'm a great fan of pentatonics, but they are sort of predictable. Some chromatics or a 'lil key change might spice up that solo a fair bit! 'ye know, these parts that give you the creeps when seeing them played live :-D

Mind having a listen at mine? Greatly appreciated:
Great work man..i really enjoyed that! You have a nice layed back style. Not too fast, not too slow, but in the middle. I love a good blues jam, and you gave me one.
Did you listen to the backtrack at all before jamming to it? It just sounds as if you knew certain parts in the backtrack were coming and played to them.
Sounds great dude, keep it coming.

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