So my friend wants to start playing electric guitar, what would be a good guitar and amp for him to start off with, i told him no packages cause those are crap, so nothing that will break down quickly or something too expensive.
Not sure about guitar, but Crate makes g.reat starter pratice amps
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eiphone les paul special II or sg special/310?
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If he is just starting, how could a package deal suck?
Quote by tomisamonkeyman
well i think Squiers are pretty good

yeah some squiers are pretty good for the price and the amp isnt half bad.
friends of mine had some bad experiences with em, he has an accoustic so hes been playing and he likes it, but now he wants to get an electric
Quote by cold_steel
If he is just starting, how could a package deal suck?

I agree. Epiphone has some nice starter kits and so does Ibanez.

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Maybe like a Samick something or other, from what I hear they're alright starter guitars. MRW does some really affordable not so ****ty beginner amps too.

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i was just wondering...am i the only one using ibanez 15W amp?
If he is just starting then I would say that a package
(no matter how horrible)
would be the best decision as there is no guarantee that he will continue playing.

Who knows,
he could very well pick up a guitar and realize that it was absolutely nothing like he thought.

Or maybe it is possible that he could just get discouraged.

If he does decide that he wants to continue then thats great but for now,
I would actually recommend a package or at least something really inexpensive.
Quote by anuar_grg
i was just wondering...am i the only one using ibanez 15W amp?

not really, two of my friends have that amp, not the most amazing amp ever, but, it's a cute little practice amp
get a good starting package, mine was a squier one but im sure there are better