I went to a flea market today and happened to pick up two guitars for a total price of 15$ THey arent the best of guitars but for the price why not buy them. Anyways... the one is fine and just needs new strings.

The other on the other hand, is a classical strung with steel strings... I'm guessing for a while because the neck is starting to separate from the body (I didn't notice this until after I bought it) Aside from putting nylons on it is there any way without hiring a luthier to repair the neck of the guitar?
You may have gotten unlucky with the second one. Even with the work of a luthier, that could be a procedure that they will say is not possible, or it will run you quite a lot of money.
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well thank you... i could always experiment... it came with a strap and case and that would have cost me more than 10$ anyways which is what i payed so ty ^_^

I feel lucky anyway. I love flea markets.