My lonely little Squier has been sitting around for quite a while, now. I really miss the sound of single coils, and I'm gonna fix it up. I looked around on a few websites for options on bridges, tuners, jacks, pots and switches, pickups (single coil, of course), and pickguards. I want to get it as close to the quality of a real Fender as I can, and then I will eliminate some of the options as I narrow down to plan my spending.

I don't think I'm going to build it myself, however. Especially if I go for a Floyd Rose on it. I'll pay the extra cash to have somebody do it.

As for the sound I want, I'm still debating whether I want an H-S-S or an S-S-S configuration. It really doesn't matter, either. I'd use the Strat for cleans, and a little bit of classic rock.

My list is attached.
Strat List.txt
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I'm working with a Squier right now, it's a five-piece Alder body. I can't claim to tell the difference between a one or five piece, so I can't say I care too much about that - the only thing I'd really worry about is the quality of the neck, that would severely effect the playability before anything else.

I definitely wouldn't go out and drop $300 on guitar hardware to drop into a Squier though, you might as well sell the Squier on ebay, buy a Mexican strat, and upgrade the pickups.