I'm planning to get an acoustic guitar sometime soon. I'm thinking of something like the yamaha FG700S or the Yamaha F335. I played these two at a local Guitar Center, and i personally liked the sound of the F335 more, but from what i read, the Fg700S is just a better guitar. I'm still new at guitar (only played a few months), so i guess i haven't developed an ear for tone yet. Right now, im leaning towards the FG700S, since it has a solid top.

Any suggestions for acoustics around 200 dollars?
I know the Yamaha F310 is great
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i picked up an oscar schmidt about 6 months ago, not a bad guitar and it was only $120, i think washburn makes em
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i like my jasmine by takamine, its a good little picker for about 160 bucks

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I know for sure that the Takamine Jasmine doesnt have a solid top and I'm rpetty sure the other ones dont except for the FG700S which has a solid spruce top. And IMO (talking from experience) its just not worth getting something with a laminate top.

Go for the FG700S. Should last you longer and they are a fantastic guitar
i agree with johnos here. the fg700s is really hard to beat for $200. the only way to really get a better guitar for the money would be to try and find something used.
What exactly is the advantage a solid top has over a laminate top? I still dont understand what a solid top does better than laminate tops.
If you want a really simple answer:
A solid top sounds better than a laminate top. You may not be able to tell when you first start playing, but you will be able too quite soon.

Slightly more complicated answer:
If you know even a little bit about sound you know thats they are waves. When you play a string on a guitar it vibrates at a certain frequency creating a note. On an acoustic this vibration of the string gets transfered into the guitar at the bridge. The vibration drives the soundboard (the top) which in turn drives air, just like a normal speaker drives air to make noises. The soundboard is the most critical thing in all of this but the woods used in the back and sides of your guitar contribute too. So the vibrating soundboard drives the air to create the notes yeah? tell me if I've lost you.
Now, a solid wood soundboard will vibrate more freely than a laminate and will sound better. Also, a solid wood soundboard will, as it gets played more, mroe or less become accustomed to the vibrations and "open up" as it is described as. This just means that with all the playing the wood has been made to vibrate even more freely, producing a better tone. Thats why you will hear people saying that a good guitar sounds better with age. Laminate tops do not do this, they will stay the same throughout their life