For all you people with racks, do yall use just any PA power amp? Would using a PA power amp make it sound terrible, or is most of the sound mainly coming from the pre-amp?
Most of the sound is the preamp when you're running a PA power amp. I've been running mine that way for 5-6 years until I blew my power amp last week. I just had a birthday, though, and I can afford to upgrade anyway. The power amp should color the sound as little as possible. You'll need to find a preamp that really suits your sound.

any other questions?

edit: Sorry, I just saw in your sig that you're a guitar player with a jcm900 already. I, and most of the people I know, use tube amps and pedals for guitar. My bass rig is a rack rig, though, and bass is my main gig.
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There are many many bassist , and many pro bassist who use rack setups.

If you want to optimize a setup like this it cost $. The best power amps for this are fairly high priced and have good dampening factors and high slew rates that can transfer low frequencies at a very fast rate without skipping a beat.

A cheaper power amp will do the job and most non-musician type people won't notice and we are talking responsiveness on repetative 16th and faster notes.

Many people who go this route have blown their bass amp and just happen to have some power amps sitting around from P.A. systems that they don't use anymore. They then get a good preamp to use with the amp and never turn back to a traditional head setup.
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Over 30 years in the biz. If you are looking for speaker info, I have tried many over the years . So hit me up and I will try to help you younger guys and gals.