After a few valuable replies to my previous post (thanks sheldonplank and steven seagull) I've decided to include a couple decent Ibanez(es?) into my new guitar search. But searching through the Ibanez line turned out to be a real pain, especially when they have a generic description for their entire RG line. So far I've been looking at the RG2570E, but people are constantly raving about the RG1570 also. They seem to be equally equipped, except for the wood (and does that really make a big difference?), but the 2570 costs more. Does the higher the number mean the better guitar? And what about the S470DXQM or the J100 . . . sigh . . .

I started out looking for a good 24 fret with a tremolo suitable for rock/metal and have become lost in the labyrinth of Ibanez, someone help!
Basically, the higher the number, the more stuff they'll throw in to make it more expensive. Like the cosmetics and DiMarzio pickups on the RG2570 compared to the 1570. Its still the same if you ask me, wood and neck. You're safe inside the Prestige line basically.

As for the 470 and JS100 goes, definitely choose 470 over the JS. The JS have EdgeIII trem which cant be matched with the ZR, different feel too.
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Ok, the difference is neck-wood, pickups, and finish. Both have no pickguard, and are the basic RG design.

The S470 is super rad, but its a whole lot different than the RG.

Avoid the J100, or other cheap signatures. As they are really just cheap-knockoffs of the true higher up guitars.
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with guitars like RG2570 and RG1570, they are just up dated versions of the orginals, ex. RG570. the higher the first number the newer and more up graded it is. i personally thinanything above the RG5XX mark is a good guitar with a good trem. but if your not set on 24 frets, i highly recomend the S series. i used to own an old S470 and loved it, i sold it cause it never got played, not a fan of trems, plus i needed the cash. but the new S series's with the ZR trem are amazing!