Hey. I got a new guitar a week or so ago and I have been setting it up when I get spare time. It has a locking tremolo system very similar to a Rose, but it is not a Rose. Anyways, the guitar sounds great, except when I play open on my low e string with a normal amount of force there is some buzzing. Should I adjust my tuss rod or does this have to do with the bridge more? Also, I can push down to depress my strings and lower the pitch with a whammy bar fine, but when I pull up I can barly make the pitch higher. Is this because of the neck locks? If that is why is there a way to adjust it so my guitar wont get out of tune and be able to lift my pitch? Thanks.

Edit: Also, I can raise/lower the bridge. I did this to get rid of buzzing on the other strings. Does this have to do with the fact I can;t rasie the pitch?
sounds like you have your springs adjusted to the point they are recessed into the body of the guitar. When you have you tremelo setup properly the back of the tremelo should be parallel to the body of the guitar. Sounds like yours is recessed . If you aren't knowledgable about truss rods and tremelos I would suggest taking it to a tech and have him show you how to set one up.

Remember a floating tremelo is a balancing act between the springs in the back and the strings you play. I am willing to bet you have an Ibanez rg of some sort.
i recommend taking a look at one of the stickys. They have reallly good videos on how to set up a trem.
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If you have a vintage or normal 2-way tremolo that is "UN"recessed, you cant really go to higher pitches, only simple vibrato. Its mainly designed for diving only and you've probably solved your buzzing problem by increasing the action on the bass side of the bridge.

What kind of bridge and which guitar?
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Yeah, its an Ibanez. I know about tuss rods, but my old guitars tremolo was just like a standard strat tremolo, so I really didnt have problems like this. Akso, how far should the bridge sink into the body?