I've been looking into getting a new amp and my local guitar store has a 5150 combo (60 watts) that i am interested in but I was wondering:

-can i get a good clean sound out of it
-can i get a good distortion sound out of it
-is $800 a good deal for a used 5150

I know that I should go and play it myself but I have not had a chance to yet and was wondering what you guys thought.

If it helps I play everything from southern rock to metal so i need an amp with some tonal variety.
I havent personaly played one yet but the guys at my local music store say its awsome (it is eddie van Halens amp!) See if yopu can haggle a bit for it. If you show up with 700 in cash it should do it.
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The 5150 is THE metal amp in my opinion

Pure tight aggressive tone, its very solid state like in response no sag whatsoever such as a mesa or something like that. It's got the classic can of bees metal tone metal heads love!

I had a chance to get one for 500 bucks with a 4x12 cab.. passed it up
dont worry dude, ive passed up on killer deals before too because i didnt have the cash. like a mesa dual recto half stack for $2000. i hated myself for not getting it
IMO $800, is a lil bit high for a used 5150. I got mine used for about $450, but then again, thats probably a one in a lifetime bargain
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My amp was 600. It' amazing. Go for it.
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I picked mine up for 500 (Just the head). I'm telling you right now, If they were selling for 2 grand on eBay everywhere else, I would still buy one. It's such an amazing amp.
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I said it was $800 but I meant $700. and what do you mean by split it into a head if i wanted?
Cut the top 'amp' part off the speaker cab, and a speaker out jack.. and make it into a head..

Then you hae a 60W 5150 head with Reverb, so nicer cleans and easier to crank.. instead of a 120W 5150 without reverb.