I am in the position of getting either a marshall dsl or peavey 6505 for the same price. Im play heavyier stuff like despised icon, glass casket, jfac and also some smoother stuff like minus the bear so im looking for a good clean tone as well as balls out distortion. I need a 2nd opinion on which one i should get so please help
if you want a perfect crystal clean , the 6505 won't do ,it will get you a cool dirty clean.
However the DSL and 6505+ might get you that.

as for heavy stuff, the 6505 wins.
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You can get livable cleans with the 6505 rolling your volume knob back a bit maybe use a chorus pedal to sparkle it up a bit.

Id have to go with the 6505 if it was my choice, the marshalls nice.. but IMO it just doesnt have the bite the peavey has
that could work, also a EQ pedal to boost the high levels would help too. and i agree, the 6505 is a kick ass amp. ive actually never played a marshall nice enough for my to want to buy it.
Well with affordable amps, you basically get to choose 2 out of these 3 things:

Good cleans
Bonecrushing overdrive
Affordable price

You don't get to choose all 3 :P

What's the most important tone for you? Buy with that in mind. The 6505 doesn't have horrible cleans if you use the neck pickup and add in a dash of chorus or delay.
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Never mind having an amp for cleans, just use a DI box and an A/B switcher pedal
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I'd say the DSL. I really like those amps.
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