I'm going to buy today my first electric guitar and amp.
I play mostly Rock.
I think I'll buy a Roland Cube 30X and an Ibanez SZ520FMDAS.

Will it be a good buying?

Yep, it's a good beginners amp.
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yeh i have an old cube 60 man. cant go wrong with the cube.
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"SZ520FMDAS".. Whatever happened to 'Stratocaster' or 'Explorer'..

And yeah the cube should be a good prac amp for a while. Plenty of different stuff to play with on there.

lol, or the Les Paul or 335.
Ibanez wtf!
If you're into rock then check out the Vox ad30. It's a good rival to the Cube and is IMO better for rock.
looks good. should suite you for a couple of good years of ROCKING & ROLLING!!

good choice!
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