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hi guys , i have a question about ibanez rg 370dx , i have a high action starts from fret 8th all the way to the last fret , any idea whats goin on ?

Could be caused by a couple of things. The action set at the bridge could just be high in general, or the neck has too much relief. Or both.

If the action was perfectly fine previously and then for some unknown reason the action randomly went skewiff, then the neck having too much relief is definitely the cause. Adjust the relief and leave the bridge studs where they are if that's the case.
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Hey everyone, serious question. I'm adjusting the intonation for my Schecter Damien FR6, I have it tuned to drop C#, the bridge level with the body and I'm using d'Addario NYXL 10-52's. The only issue is I can't get my D string to properly intonate. It started out sharp as hell when I compared the harmonic to the 12th pressed. I moved the saddle as far back as it can possibly go and the note is still sharp. Any suggestions?
Eh, that's one of the pitfalls of the tune-o-matic style bridge, the intonation can only be set so far one way or the other. I used to flip the G string saddle around on Gibson setups I did to get that one to intonate properly with thicker strings. I'd try thicker strings if I were you, it'll allow you to lower the action a bit, which would marginally increase the distance from the saddle to the string if intonated properly.