tone was ugh...Playing seemed good anyway, but that tone!

You basicly got the solo nailed! Just with better tone and damn!
I only listened to the solo really!
Wow, that was excellent, you're a good player! How long have you been playing?
I loved it I really liked the distorted and clean tone and the quality and mixing was great too!

It was perfect!!
thanks guys, i used mixcraft for all the recordings and my tone (like it or not) was a result of a metal zone straight into the pc (through the line in).
the backtrack was the bass drum and vocals from one of the guitar pro tabs on this website.
the solo is very easy (except for the last 3 secs) after u practice it a bit.
i m playing for a little more then 2 years now.
nice cover nailed that solo listening atm

EDIT:how do you get to save the guitar pro file as a backing track?
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