Mechanical Birds, described as the youthful pen name for an solo bedroom artist. Anyone else already heard of him? I'm pretty sure my friend found this guy, Gareth, completely by chance, and he is easily the best artist I've discovered via Myspace. His multi-tracked voice is unusual and annoying at first, but after a few listens you forget why you didn't like it. If you like anyone like Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Architecture in Helsinki, Sparklehorse, that sort of thing, you'll probably like Gareth here. And if you do like Mechanical Birds, you'll also like Spilt Milk, another band he's in.

ALSO: I just realized for some strange reason he only has one song up. Luckily though it's one of my favourites. Here's another one of this songs, In The Snow.
UG Irish Clan: Póg mo thóin