I have:
Ibanez S370 -> Roland Cube 60.
I also have a Pacifica which makes my amp sound better than by Ibanez because it has better stock pickups.
I love my Ibanez but it has a weak tremelo and weak pickups. The SS amp doesn't really help that.
My Yamaha makes my amp sound much better so for my Ibanez I was going to get new Swineshead pickups (Condor neck, Dragonfly middle, Venom bride) because I play predominantly thrash metal. However a Boss GT-8 would really make my tone a whole lot better than it is (would probably have more an impact that new pickups) and would mean I'd be sorted for gigging, not needing any other pedals and all that. I'm also looking to buy a Marshall JCM 800 combo but if I use my Boss pedal and my Cube I doubt whether I really do need a new amp seeing as the pedal will have some amazing models on there.
Double these prices to get them in dollars

Pickups = £120
Boss GT 8 = £180 (second hand)
Gotoh LFR = £120
Marshall = £400 (second hand)

If I ended up getting a Marshall then I'd probably sell my Cube 60 and probably wouldn't need to buy the Boss if these amps are really as good as I hear.
Your thoughts?
jcm800 might have not enough for thrash metal. It depends on what you consider thrash metal though
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jcm800 might have not enough for thrash metal.

Even if it didn't, that would be the best first step in the right direction.
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A Boss GT-8 will not help your tone one bit - granted you'll be able to do lots of exciting swirly thigs with it and it'll sound interesting - but in terms of the core guitar tone that you're building around it won't help at all and will probably hinder it. Also it won't work properly with the Cube, or any other modelling amp.

Just aim for a new amp first, once you have that you'll be in a position to make an informed decision on whether you need new pickups, effects etc.
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jcm800 might have not enough for thrash metal. It depends on what you consider thrash metal though

Well if slayer can pull it off! And a cheap OD pedal would bring it into that territory! Digitech bad monkey!
Meh I used a Korg AX1500 to gig with, my tone was far better than it had ever been and I could save effects without having loads of pedals lying around, a Boss GT8 seemed like a solid investment to me.
Almost any tube amp to gig with, if you can tell the difference.

I'd say get the Boss GT-8, I've only heard good things about it, that and it'd still be used as a silent practice aid with headphones for when you upgrade your pedalboard if you choose to do so.

EDIT : You can boost distortion with an overdrive pedal, so get something that has good cleans.
I would DEFO recommend an amp upgrade, it'll sound SO much better, and its only an investment for the future, the JCM800 is pretty good, especially with an OD pedal in front. If you wanted more gain, check the JCM900, im not sure how much more in price it would be though.

Your amp will show the guitar's true tonal abilities, if you still dont like the ibanez after, then you could upgrade.