Hi!! i'm from costa rica!!

i bought my first amp, a AD30VT vox valvetronix, this one won the battle against the roland 30x cube!!

well, the things is, i'm like begginer-intermediate player, i'm christian so i play from quite worship to loud praise music!!

my brother gave me the guitars and the "tonework" i have (yamaha erg121, yamaha rgx 211m with floyd rose and di marzio DP-100 pick-ups, a korg PME-40x (compressor, distortion, flanger and octave v) and a korg ax 1500g i bought it), so, my questions are:

1) the ax 1500g has "cabinets simulation" and the vox too, so wich ones can i use? the vox's ones or korg's ones?

2) when making a preset, which is the order of the different effects types? delays first, or dist, etc... which should i set first?

3) has someone information or the korg pme-40x???? it's a "good classic one", should i sell it???

well, THANX for help me!!
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Put the Vox on clean (don't use cabinet simulations either), use the simulation on the Korg.
It doesn't matter what order you do the effects in, just as long as you remember to save it.
Dunno about the PME-40x.
thanx!! just 1 more question lol

about the 3-band eq (treble - mid -bass), which one i must set, the amp one or the tonework one?

thanx again
I recommend both by putting the settings high on the amp and then changing the treble/bass/mids on the pedal but making them quite low.