So I'm having this arguement with my friend. Basically, my stance is that there's only one solo in Sweet Child O'mine and he insists there's two. He says that in the beginning, (during the hook, or riff) that since there's only a guitar playing... that's a guitar solo. How can I define a guitar solo? Does it have to be a break in the middle of a song? Help me out.
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A guitar solo is when the guitar becomes the most , or at least a lot more, prominent instrument .

THey can be only a few bars long...

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well solo means one, so technically you're noth right

in musical terms theres only one "solo" but yes there is the beginning as well that can be considered a solo
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well i would say there is more than one solo in it (not counting the intro) as after the first verse there is a solo, then after second verse, then after the powerchord section there is the main solo
there are 2 solos in SCOM...one is small and the other incorporates that first solo then carries it on When Slash goes crazy with the wah etc

a solo means that specific instrument takes "center stage" it becomes the prominant voince in the tune at that specific period....although technically there are solos wher ethe singer keeps singing..ie the end of Paradise City
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I don't know the exact definition of guitar solo. What I do know is it usually has to do with a part in a song, doesn't have to be the middle, where the guitar takes off by itself. Although some bands like Dragonforce harmonize some parts in their solos. You can mostly tell a solo because it's basically like another part in a song and in a lot of 80s and modern bands the fastest playing is usually in the solo.
That might've been confusing so maybe someone can explain it better.
i dont even use the word solo hardly. i just use the word lead so its less confusing.
a solo is when a certain instrument becomes more predominent in the song, a riff is well a riff. i guess you could say the intro to SCOM is a solo but in reality its a riff
A solo where there is a melodic change and development in the song such as in SCOM where i feel there are 3 solos. 2 after each chorus then the long one.
Well I'd say the opening bit would be technically classed as an 'intro' first. There's 3 more lead breaks after that, there's the slower one after the first bout of chorus, then there's that long & mighty sounding one, & then there's that bit where he just goes nuts with the end chorus part. Could class em all as solos in one way or another, but I just think the middle 2 are, first bit's an intro, the final bit's an Outro...
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It doesn't matter. Slash plays guitar, and that's not good enough for you?

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