So i played a Epi LP Custom and its fantastic and i've found one in black with a hard case for $500. But then there's the Agile AL-3000 which is $440 and also comes with a hard case, but i can't play that in a shop. It looks as good as any Epi i have ever seen, and i read these reviews http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Agile/AL3000/10/1 sounds too good to be true for the price. What are peoples experiences with this Agile? Does anyone own both the Agile and the Epi custom and can give me some advice? $60 is a pretty nice saving if the Agile really is as good!
I'm thinking about the same thing! Should i go for Epi Custom or Agile? They also have a n LP with a Floyd Rose!