Well, I've been trying to connect my electric guitar to Garageband through the computer but i'm not getting any sound or even recongnizing the guitar is plugged into the computer.
I looked at all of the help topics they provided but im still not getting any sound or anything. The little converter im using isn't broken because I used it on my other computer and its still working fine.
I had this problem... go to preferences in GB, go to Audio-MIDI, go to audio input and change it to built in input. Next, go to the System Preferences (make sure guitar is plugged in) and go to sound and click on built in input again.
There's something living in these lines.
ohhh, and when you want the sound to come on, when you select a track in the bottom right hand corner, and turn on monitor.
There's something living in these lines.
Turn on monitor AND make sure the red record button for that track is enabled. Good advice in this topic - I think if the TS follows it his problem should be fixed.
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Thanks for the advice.

and if i say, wanted to plug in a mixer to the computer and run my guitar and amp through that would it still work?