My girlfriend is over babysitting her little cousin and she ended up calling me cuz shes having computer problems, and I have no idea what is wrong with it.

She said she got up for a minute and went in another room and then came back and the power button was blinking yellow and she can't get it to turn on. She said it's a Dell Dimension E310 if that makes a difference.
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Sounds like a power supply problem. There may be a short or perhaps the PSU is not powerful enough to handle the things in you PC - DVD writers, CD, Hard drives etc. My sggestion would be either take it to a shop and have someone look at it or go ahead and buy a new power supply with at least 400v power. Look at you PC manual also - might have some info.

Another problem may be your BIOS settings/motherboard jumpers. I dont know the PC well but in some cases the BIOS is set to go in suspend instead of turn off. The motherboard jumpers may also be set to this configuration, Like i say i dont know the PC so dont trust me on this one butr its possible.
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I think you're right, tell her to press the power button...

Did that. Pressed it, held it, i think even unplugged it. Still nothing.
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