got an emg 81, with quick connect, 2 pots mostly pre wired..pretty much installed..n thought no..not my cuppa tea!

erm say £40 with battery..£5 postage?

HIT ME!!!!
/off topic Hits thread starter.

eerm well don't think it's my stuff eh?
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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Could you post pics please?

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pots are in the LP copy i have, near mint anyways..been soldered once..
this is all the other parts

well **** me they are huge!!!
please wait for them..its perfect condish anyway!
erm wts the postage gona b like?! if you can work out a postage method n cash..go for it
how much would that be USD?
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i may have it, but i dont fancy putting a hole in my ibanez

let me contemplate
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puttin a hole in it? what you mean?
ive had it in my ibanez and took out cos i dont think it suits me
wanna sell just the quick connect? thats all i need.
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