as the title says
i dont know how to explain but il try ;D
well i have a question,ive seen that guitar players(the awesome ones of course) keep their fingers on the frets after playing that tone and the play another note or tone with their other fingers while the first finger is still on the frets...



now lets say the 2fret plays the first finger,3 second finger,4 third,and 5 the pinky
i play the 2 fret and leave my first finger there and then play the rest of this example,then move on to the B string same...i have used to move the finger that i play the note with away from the fret...but this looks and seems better....

is this important,adn should i practice it ?
and something else,how can i know in wich cases to move my finger away from the frets and when not ?

i hope you got what i was writting about ;D
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It's good for finger intependence I guess, and leave them there if you're going to be using those notes again.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
its easier and cleaner to leave the fingers there, as you don't waste energy taking them off the fretboard.