It's an Agile AL 3100. Lefty if it matters.

One of the strings like....popped, lol, I think I bent it to much and it just popped and has gone limp, and I know the others need replacing. Any specific brand, gauge I should go for? Wish I knew what I had.
Try to get the same gauge as it came with, i think most guitars come with 10's or 9's. I recommend DR's
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^ you can use any gauge for standard tuning, so long as you adjust the guitar correctly. it's just that it's a good idea to use heavier strings in drop tunings.
My favorite string is what you just bought. I use D addarios 10s (moving to 11s soon) and I love them.
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Yea well I need to get some more, I ****ed up putting the first one's on lol, so I need to get some more it seems.

I got the high E to sound right, but the next string, I couldn't get it right.
Use 10's Im pretty sure thats what your guitar came with,plus I think 9's might be to floppy on a smaller scale right?
I personally prefer D'Addario 10's. Thats just me though and I have no problem doing bends on them. I also plan to move up to 11's soon. I'm looking forward to it actually.
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I personally play Superslinky 9's. I've really only played a few different slinkys and I really like the 9's the best.
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