Does anyone know how to do this eg in the verse of the song got the life, he seems to slap with pinkie and thumb or something
In my experience, he just slaps the string with the flat of his hand/fingers, like a slap in the face type thing. If you're talkin about the pop and slap in the first verse right before Jon starts singin, it's thump with the thumb on the low string, and when you need the higher notes, pull up on the upper string from underneath with your middle or index finger.
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That should work.

Haha. Mint. Someone doens't like Fieldy.
If you wanna get good at pop & slap, a great example is Ryan from mudvayne - listen to L.D. 50. That guy's bananas on the pop/slap tip.
Yeah about Fieldy... I've heard people say his technique is called "technical pop and slap". To me, it sounds like he just slaps the strings with a lot of dexterity... Or he ****s on it lol.
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if he **** on it at least it would be interesting. his style is sloppy and really doesnt give good tone. he slaps the strings with all four fingers like a bitch slap mostly, this causes the string to hit the back of the neck and get that clicky sound.
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yeah, he rocks back and forth from his pinky and thumb. sounds pretty good live.
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his sound on records isnt even really slap...its manufactored.

he has a chorus unit, a tremelo, and some third effect that he EQs together to get an artificial slap sound...

back on topic though....Fieldy has technique ?
RYAN FROM MUDVAYNE!!!! Watch their live videos and learn from that. The guy's a monster at the technique.
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RYAN FROM MUDVAYNE!!!! Watch their live videos and learn from that. The guy's a monster at the technique.

Yep, Dig from LD50 is a great example of his awesome slap/ pop technique. The guy owns Fieldy hands down.
Ryan's the reason I STILL play bass. Listen to the bridge of Under My Skin. He goes f*ckin nuts.
Alright, have any of you guys even actually studied his technique. He most definately uses a thumb-pinky slap technique with occasional pop added in, even though he still does a lot of finger technique as well. Also, there "studio" sound is changed very much from the actual sound, but if you ever hear Fieldy's live sound, well, first of all it sounds much better than the CD quality, second, it sounds a lot better than a lot of slappers I've heard, and third of all, he has a hell of a ton of control with his slap, plus the way he slaps is pretty easy to control anyways, so whatever.

Oh, and by the way, I do agree that Ryan Martinie is an amazing bassist, he pretty much owns.
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