Waht is the low-down on open back cabinets vs. closed.
I need a good cabinet to run a 150 W Crate Powerblock thru.
Any suggestions ??
If all cabinets compared have celestion speakers wouldnt they be somewhat comparible? (example: Marshall vs. Crate 4x12 cabs)
Depends on what type of Celestions. Each one sounds different so you got to look at what Type of speakers are in the cabinets..... V30, G12H, GT75, ect. ect. Closed back is supposed to have more bass response/tightness......although I've never played or heard one to compare to. Both me and our other guitar player have Open Backed. My open back is interchangable...... meaning I can make the open space on the bottom, middle, or top of the rear of the cabinet. Supposedly this changes how the cabinet's bass low ends sound. But as far as trying it all out I haven't. I mean how far you have your cabinet away from a wall can affect the sound too...... so I guess it's mostly a matter of preference.
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open backs dont have as tight of of a bass sound...
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