I entered my code and all that jazz and they gave me good seats, I couldn't print where I was at so I was just going to wait for the confirmation email. It never came....I sent livenation 3 emails and they just responded with an email saying they got mine and they were working on the problem. I looked on the site and I couldn't find a number to call, do any of you guys know of any number to call and ask for an email? Did you guys get your emails? I don't want to get shafted with **** seats because livenation sucks
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i ordered presale tickets, got ones with good seats, problem is, they gave me ones for the wrong state, and they announced they did that a lot and are deactivating those codes so you can use em again, problem was, this was after the day that everyone could get tickets, so i had worse seats instead of better ones
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I missed the tickets... : <
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yeah i tried doing the whole free tix thing and they screwed me out of like everything it took forever for it and then i never got the email or anything back so i guess ill just wait until next year. ill just pay the money like always, ill be old fashioned bitches
The website didnt even work for me. I only get to go because my neighbor couldn't so he gave me his.
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