I am looking to upgrade amps from my piece of crap Peavy BLazer 158, and saw this Fender 212 DSP Combo Amp. I wanted to know if the onboard effects on it are very good. I am between this amp and the Fender 212R (looks to be the same thing but w/o the effects). So are the DSP effects worth the $70 difference?
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I haven't played the 212 DSP but I own the half stack version and have played the 212R. The clean channel sounds insane and the distorted channel is pretty nice too. The distorted channel is perfect for blues, rock, classic rock, and light metal. I hope that helps.
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The FM 212. I wouldn't go for it. Or the 212R. Not really an upgrade. Distortion is pretty lame. Better on the 212 DSP, because of the amp modeling, but still not good. Clean are decent enough.

I saw a band performing live using the FM 212...Put on a great show, and played a great pop punk cover of Billie Jean, but hated the guitar's tone.