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Hi I’m the guitarist in a funk band from the UK and I’m wondering what to do about the delicate issue of recording…

You see, we’re all pretty young and this summer period was supposed to be the one window we’d have for professionally recording our album. But a member or two since then have committed to going away at certain points and so the reality now is that we have about a month to record.

We’ve been waiting to do this for around six months and we have experience recording with a make-shift studio run by a county band teacher. My issue is that everything now seems to be so last minute.

I’ve written three or four decent tunes that I’m convinced could become something great. I’ve presented two of them to the band but with so many gigs lately we haven’t been able to develop them. I’m sure other people also have new material and it would be a shame if we had to rush them or disregard them for the sake of getting the album done this summer. (I’m assuming we won’t be doing another)

Having said that, we do have enough A material already...

The band member sorting everything out hasn’t had much contact with our original studio (to be fair, because their technician has been a bitch to get hold of) and now he’s looking at a plan B that has some bloke come to us to record, he has experience with a great band from our area but he seems a bit dodgy to me. Screams practicality over quality to me too, which I don’t like.

We’ve worked up about £500 for this and I’d hate to see it wasted on a less than great recording (our demo with the county band teacher was brilliant in terms of quality with what was available) so what should I do?

I really want to get this done this summer too, by the way, because it means we’ll get much more publicity, gigs and it should sell well from September to the end of the year. - check us out.
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Most bands I know record in the Fall or Winter since they'll probably have less gigs and more time to work on recording/writing/etc. My question is, can you get more publicity and gigs using the recordings you have now? If you have "so many gigs" already, why would that be a problem. I would only recommend not doing that if you are not confident with sending your current samples to important people (such as agencies, publicity, press, etc.)

You kind of answered your own question with degrading the songs by not developing them to the point where they are really ready to be recorded. I also recommend to people that you test your songs live before recording them, if your audience hates it live, why would they buy the tracks?

Keep booking gigs and working at your songs over the summer. Make a game plan for the Fall and set a 6-month goal plan for the band. What do you want to have accomplished by December? Also save up more money for the recording. Do some mock recordings of your current songs and get some professional advice on them.
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