my brother plays bass at school nd he's starting to get into it. me being a guitarist brother, thinks that he should buy one. so a question is, what bass should he get around 100-200 USD? I was thinking something from
and for an amp, something like this
btw, amp+bass = >250$ (less than 250$ )
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im not gonna lie to you, dude... theyre all pieces of ****, but for someone who is starting those are excelent..................
there are no "really good" amps in that price range no matter what anyone says... theyll get the job done at first... obviously if he keeps at it he's gonna want something bigger and better... anyways, if hes gonna start... buy one of those...

well... i think you should get an amp or the bass first.... for 250$ you can get anything not even remotely good, however there are OK basses (just ok) for 250$...
i think he should buy a bass and play it acoustic...

anyways if youre gonna buy both, just buy any piece of **** "toaster" amp... theyre ALL the same within that price range (all the same piece of crap)...
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yeah, i know for the price i won't get an amazing amp. just look at my sig, i have a yamaha from costco as an amp. it's not like we are going to gig its all home practice.
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and any bass is the same crap (within that price range)... i mean.....buy a squier jazz bass for him for like 250-300$ and he'll have a pretty decent instrument to start with.....

the squier vintage modified basses would be an amazing thing for him to start....
Looked used, especially for the amp. I just picked up a 300w Peavey combo for $100. An SX from Rondo should probably be fine. I played one of the short-scale Jazz Bass clones, and it wasn't glaringly bad or anything.
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ok. thanks. i have a question though. i played an sx bass, and it was extremely neck heavy. are some basses neck heavy because maple is heavier than alder/ash and i'm afraid that it might be neck heavy
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um the pirate bass on rondomusic.net
oh btw, i saw a mint orange crush bass combo amp 20w. its like 130. is it good? its buy it now
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the orange make good REAL amps... the combos should be decent as well....... but any 20W amps is a piece of ****.... i'd go for the cheapest you can possibly get and that way you have more money to invest in a bass...
i have 2 guitar amps, but i heard a bass into it could make it blow.
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oh, then use a guitar amp....... if the bass is not active it wont blow.........

also (even if it is active) a 200$ bass doesnt have the power to blow up an amp ahah...were not talking about a rickenbacker or a stingray in here, c'mon!
so is the sx bass good? from my guitar experience with squier, even a no name guitar is better than that
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get a fender modified vintage squier.... a precision or a jazz..........theyre great.... about 250-300$... well worth it...
oh, btw i have some experience in modding, should i get a 100$ bass and stick a badass2 bridge on it? i just don't want to spend more than 200
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dude, those new squiers come with new pickups in them, seymour duncans, they sound amazing...........if you wanna put a badass II in it, even better!
some of the only basses in that price range i would recommend...
ok thanks. your really a big help. so a squier vintage p or j with badass2 later on in life. thanks for your help. and seymour duncans.
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i'll take him to a music store and let him decide. y didn't i think of that?
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ahah yeah.... squier has some really cool basses.... you just have to knowhow to pick.... if you find one of those i told you i bet he'll fall in love with it...
Washburn T14, unless that is out of the price range, if it is, look a standard series squier p-bass

Or look for some form of yamaha

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ok thanks. i dont know a nice way to say this but, i have enough advice and i wish to close this thread. thank you DesolationRow0
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