This is a little acoustic piece; it's actually based on an older poem. My voice is, well, mine. It's not great. That doesn't really bother me. I also know that the intro the intro is a bit off. Just lemme know what ya think. C4C, etc, so on and so forth.


Thanks UG.
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this song sounds pretty cool. you're voice isn't great, but its not bad either - you should try actually singing more though. reminds me a lot of bob dylan. a lot.
also, the recording is only playing in my right speaker, and there is a sort of skipping sound in the left, i'm not sure what that is.
also, i would try adding some more instrumentation or somethign to give the song more motion - it seems like you're goign for the stripped down sound so maybe instrumentation isn't what you want. still, it needs something to keep the listener interested.

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