hey, I wrote a funk song, although I have no Idea what to write the lyrics about,
I usually write metal, so I have no Idea what to write about, any Ideas?
imerse yourself in it.................................play it with your eyes closed........... let it take you to another dimension...
anyone have an idea on where I should look for inspiration?

besides taking an acid trip
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taking two acid trips?

Nice lol

what works for me is that i just play the song in my head or on my instrument and just sing out what pops into my head.
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yeh, i done a song like that the other day... the lyrics just came into my head... i could post them here ahah....but they wouldnt be good for funkiness anyways...
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Its only 2 verses so it shouldn't be so hard,

what gets me is the chorus
it has to be heartfelt dude......you cant just "vomit" some lyrics on a piece of paper and call it a song... thats what fallout boy does...

if its not heartfelt just go take a walk with the melody in your head till you hear something you really really feel....

im a lyrics freak anyways...
thanks for the help, I think I've got it, chorus notewise, those Ideas all helped, thank you

yeah, falloutboy does suck pretty bad
ok... now everytime i want to write some really good lyrics, i'll think of how much i hate fallout boy...
Just write about how funky your song is, make sure you use the word funk in a way that it sounds like a different F-word. /half the funk lyrics ever written

i got an awesome idea - write your song about how there is no song!!!
I'm just wondering, why is this in the bass forum? And just so I'm not a total prick, +1 to the acid trip idea.
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