You guys are awesome.
I love it, its schweet.
Ohhh, who originally sings "Dammit"?
I think its Blink-182 but im not sure.
i have dial-up so it might take me a sec to get back to you
but i will deff take a listen
i love misfits
my band covered astro zombies already. we never recorded it though, it was just kind of for fun. but im gonna have to make a comparison in a bit lol
the music was excellent.
the vocals could have been better though.
it didn't seem like the vocalist gave it there all in the astro zombies. and the cig up her bones one sounded just like it was talking most of the time, not singing.
but then again, i understand how incredibly hard it is to sing while playing an instrument
and i give you guys mucho respect for that
keep at it man, good job
It was pretty good =]

Vocals need work, it needs more of a Misfits sound, if you get what I mean.

Everything else was good
You're not brutal.

(click the smiley!)

yeah, recording is a different experience, fun, but entirely new
and the vocalist for astro zombies just sucks..he does the chorus' for the other songs too, he usually does better....its alot better live though, its kind of a we're not use to it kinda thing, not to make TOO many excuses
Vocals are boring in general!
Your sound over-all could be alot more destinguished than what it is! but everything sounds good so otherwise! The vocals are off putting imo, but the music is pretty good!
so over-all good job!

also c4c?
Wherever I may Roam!