Pick ups and strings-
pick ups and string and neck-



the whole thing-
looks like stock pickups were routed out for the active emg, which makes the aesthetics kinda....homely...but overall, it probably sounds sweet with the jazz and humbucker panned together. new strings should brighten up the sound, the ones you have on look somewhat old.

overall, if you bought it second hand, it looks like you paid roughly $400 us dollars for it? neck looks fine, fretboard shows a little wear, so it has a couple years on it, but again, these are based purely on the pictures, you would probably want to fully evaluate the neck yourself. (check for dead notes)

otherwise....nice find

tell us how it sounds

ps. nice flamed top
okay cool. yea the bass is 10 years old. i just tossed it open this last weekend. and i am putting new strings on it. i switched from guitar to bass. heres what im doing to this thing next-

put new strings.
fix the input thing.
and thats it.

i love that bass and idk how much my dad got it for 10 years ago but it is awsome
tuners might be shot if its 10+ years old....check into some grovers and a hipshot detuner if you plan on replacing those
i am replacing the strings with Roto Sound Swing bass 66 (nickel on steel roundwound bass string) (long scale)

just got done with 2 hours of replacing the wires because the wires were messed up and still gotta fix it up. one pick up is working and the other is not working
Yeah that looks pretty sweet. Samicks are good... I got one (not as flash as that one)

Some new strings and she'll be ready to go!
okay. i just need to fix the Big pickup (EMG)

new strings on it is going to be awsome because for me to go from 10 guitars to 1 bass is hard because i played guitar my whole life and now i wanna be a bass player because more people need a bass player then a guitar player.
Firstly: it's "Good bass or not?"

Secondly that's a terrible route for the replacement pickup. Whoever did that should not be allowed near machine tools again.

Third I really don't like that neck join. Why the neck isn't carved so that the heel is where it meets the body is beyond me. Also that bottom cutaway isn't as deep as it looks - I don't know why they've done that. Maybe they don't want to compromise the neck joint but it's at the cost of upper register access.

I can't judge the headstock angle from these photos very accurately, but it looks quite shallow. I can't see this bass being great for detuning, or using light strings. How is the open note definition?

It's not how I would have designed a bass, but if it plays well and sounds good then that's what counts.
thanks for the looks amazing comment.

the bass works perfect expect the wiring in it and thats what we are fixing today.

the pick ups work good. it gives a blues sound.

just to advice. my dad got this for 100 dollers back like 5 years ago.

here's probably why-

guy did not play bass any more
wires were messed up
he did not wanna pay for this to be fixed.