k i have an epiphone les paul custom w/ emgs and i'm buying an amp....i can either buy my friends crate fxt 120 for $200 US or a carvin....its brand new and same wattage, 2 12" speakers....but more versatile channel selection......which one should i get to better match the emgs.......or maybe a different amp.......please dont reccomend anything about $750 unless like it will blow everything out of the water and will be worth the money in the long run..............umm no really high wattage needed.......without miking i'll be playing 300 people.....
well, I hear that using EMGs with a solid-state amp can damage the amp, or not sound good or something like that.

but I have the SX100 from Carvin, its an awesome amp, blows my friends 3 channel Crate out of the water.

and if your willing to spend an extra 100 bucks you could get a Carvin MTS, which is all tube and much better than both amps mentioned.
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EMGs will not hurt an amp at all in fact my friend has a pair of 81s that sound awesome through my 15 watt ss spider 3 but if you have the money go with a tube if you don't otherwise go with the carvin
EMGs wont do anything to an SS amp, they're just designed to work with tube amps and work better with one. So I would suggest a tube combo, it will serve you better in the short and long run. Peavey Windsor or Valveking? I've heard that the Windsor is good for metal but lacks on cleans, but you have EMG's anyway. The Windsor head is 399$ and the 15 watt combo is the same price. The Valveking is 430$ for 50 watts and about 600$ for 100.
What are you looking to play for one.

Secondly, what kind of EMGs do you have? dual 81's, 81/85, 81/60 or 81/60A ect.
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