Alright, I've been trying to find out this artists name all day and it's killing me! I listened to him on Napster not too long ago but I forgot what his name was. He plays acoustic pop/acoustic emo and has a solo project. He was the frontman of a major emo or pop punk band but pulled out to do an acoustic project. He has long dark hair. I know this isn't a lot of info, but this is absolutely driving me crazy. If you could throw some names out there, maybe I could figure it out.

Could be Sonny Moores new project ?...
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I swear I know who you're talking about but his name escapes me at the moment. Do you happen to remember any song lyrics or titles to give us a better idea? Anyway, I'll get back to you tomorrow if his name pops into my head.
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That was who I was thinking of, but his new stuff isn't really acoustic

It's just poor...

EDIT: Are you thinking of Ace Enders maybe?

That's what I originally thought too, but he doesn't match the description.

I'll have a look through my collection and see if I can find anyone similar.


Maybe Dustin Kensrue?
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Dustin Kensrue?
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Here would be my bets (disregarding the looks):

William Beckett maybe? Remember Maine was his acoustic side project (he's now in Academy is)
You might even be thinking of The Almost (from Underoath)
Matt from The Get Up Kids? Turned into the New Amsterdams and The Terrible Twos
Ace Enders from Early November doing I Can Make A Mess..
Maybe Northstar to Cassino

that's all I can think of
frank turner?
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