For the past year I have worked at a stable. Previously, I rode one day a week and paid for the lesson for around five years, but last summer I worked out a deal in which I worked there for about four hours, two days a week. That meant that I got two lessons a week and didn’t have to pay for them. In the beginning it was lovely. I had fun and even got a couple extra chances to ride. Within the last six months, however, things have drastically changed. The instructor has just turned plain mean. I’m lucky to get talked to at all unless I’m being fussed at or order to do something. Sometimes I can’t ride because ‘the horses are tired’, but I never get a chance to make up the lesson. All of the horses there are below my experience level and aren’t helping me to become a better rider. There is a horse camp I’m helping out with. It’s been horrible. I haven’t ridden at all, which means I’m working for free, and I wasn’t allowed to take a break. While everyone else was able to stand around for twenty minutes and eat snacks and get a drink, I had to tack up some lady’s horse, who wasn’t even involved in the camp. I’m treated like a second class citizen because I don’t own my own horse and am talked down to constantly. I’ve decided to give my two weeks notice tomorrow. It kills me to think that something I’ve given so much time to is no longer fun, but I can’t do it anymore.

I’m sure others of you have suffered huge disappointments recently. Talk about that. Hell, you can talk about pocket lint if you want. I don’t care.
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that blows,

i know whats its like to have an amazing job turn into a chore
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The camp lasts until the end of the week. It's gonna suck. But I feel like I have some resposibility to let them know I'm not doing it anymore, as opposed to just not showing up again.
Cory is a girl's name too.


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****in sucks dude, some CC will cheer you up, i recently had some pocket lint too, it sucked
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That's no good.. Give the owner guy a big mug of cheer the **** up so he isn't so mean
Why give two weeks notice if they aren't paying you? Just quit...

Also horses are the worst mode of transportation ever! I rode one once and my testicles still hurt to this day!
Bellybutton lint is way better than pocket lint.........

Yeah, try being really really nice to the owner and he might end up being a little nicer, maybe something happened. Or maybe he's just an asshole, I have no idea.

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kill them

but seriously......if it's not fun anymore, and they're being asshole then your doing all you can do (unless you can talk to the instructor about it?

if he/she is still a tool.....kill them
She just doesn't enjoy teaching lessons. She'd rather train horses all day long, but the stable needs the lesson program so she's stuck with it. It's nothing I've done.

SmashEdit: And I'm not sucking up to someone who has been a complete jerk to me for no reason over the last few months. I've worked hard and deserve some respect. I'm not getting it, so I'm leaving and they can just find someone else. Which will be really tough.
Cory is a girl's name too.


aim me at corysmash196
I'm sorry. : (

It really sucks to have to stop doing something you enjoy because of bastards of people ruining it on you.

Maybe you should try to find another horse place thing? Or maybe just talk to the guy who gives the lessons and see whats up